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After-sale serviceABOUT US
Warranty commitment
Quality problem packet loss:
Installation of the use of quality problems, Tianjin into promptly sent to clearly define the responsibilities, belong to ferry into responsibility, except for returned goods and other customers in payment for the round-trip fare and direct costs. Disputed the attribution of responsibility, please the authorities to identify, in the case of Tianjin into a liability. In return, customers pay round-trip fare and direct costs, and the burden of identification fee.
Quality supervision award:
Jin Cheng wire and cable products quality is welcome to the majority of users supervision, such as the discovery of product quality defects, on-site reward 100 yuan.
After-sale service
Not satisfied with the return:
You in Tianjin to buy products as long as the packaging and product itself is not damaged, by invoice in Tianjin into for unconditional return (with the exception of cutting the cable), the same day return.
Priced sales:
Around the sales organization is Jin into the enterprises directly under, in line with the principle of small profits but quick turnover sales price only on the basis of the ex factory price increase in 1-5% of patients.
Jin Cheng company was founded in 1983, with the introduction of international advanced level of wire and cable production line, the company always adhere to the corporate philosophy of honesty, social services, has won the trust of the community.
Anti-counterfeiting inquiry

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